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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximo_ View Post
    Well I guess this has been figured out already, but if you want a quick and dirty solution, you can use the homebrew app "Internalz". Just use Internalz to rename the picture folder that you want to hide. Place a "." in front of the name. So if you have a picture folder called "private", rename it to be ".private" and then the photo app will not be able to find the pictures in that folder. Internalz is the only way to do this without command line prompts, because if you plug your Pre into your computer through USB, Windows will not let you rename a folder with a period in front.

    You can keep the "." there and view the photos at any time through Internalz, but you can't swipe to the next picture or change the photo orientation this way. If you want all the bells and whistles of the stock photo app, just open Internalz, remove the "." and then launch the photo app and view your private photos. You can keep Internalz open while you do it, and when you're done, just swipe back over to Internalz and put the period back.

    This works equally well with documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF) and videos. In fact I like the functionality of viewing videos directly through Internalz, as it will loop the videos by default, which the stock video app is unable to do.

    Now you can let your coworkers play with your Pre without worrying about them finding sensitive pictures of your spouse or the payroll spreadsheet you keep on your phone! :-)
    If you've followed Maximo's suggestions above, you might find that the ".name" folder's objects still appear in files lists. A good patch to have is the one that adds Advanced Options to the Launcher menu. There you can choose "Rescan Fileindexer", and the .name folders will "disappear".
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    Quote Originally Posted by semahjiscool View Post
    i have a centro right now(gettin the pre in a day or two)and i have a app(s) that can hide other apps and lock them.i was wondering since i am a teenager and i get pretty crazy txts that my nosy friends and my mom shouldnt see. if theres anyway sombody could do that for the pre maby hide an album in the photo app.

    Ha... I'm a parent with teens that I want this type of app so I can prevent them from doing exactly what you have been doing and intend to do in the future.

    If my teen lives in my house and I am responsible for them, there is no privacy. I see/allow/block anything I choose on their phones.

    I hope your Mom catches you. LOL.
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    Ok I'm going to keep this going

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