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    I have a pre from launch. My pre has been very good so far... Slight screen wobble, but that's it. Today the power button stopped working. I'm going to the sprint store for an exchange. Lets see how this works out.
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    good luck
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    Been there, done that, bough the t-shirt!

    My power button was obviously working since I would use it to turn off the screen before putting it back in my holster. However, I probably had not turned off my phone for about 2 weeks so I never had to hold the button to power it down, etc.

    Phone seemed to be acting goofy and I couldn't get it to power off or reset by hitting O-Sym-R. So I pulled the battery and left it charging when I went to bed. Couldn't turn it on next morning.

    Took it to Sprint store and they told me they would fix it. Come back in 30 minutes...and they had to give me a new phone. Signed onto the Palm backup thingy and most of my stuff was right on my new phone in a few minutes. My contacts and stuff got pushed right back on from my Exchange server and about the only things I had to load manually was the home brew stuff.

    So amazingly, getting a replacement Pre from Sprint was the least painfully exchange I have ever done in my 10+ years of being with Nextel and Sprint.
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    wow!!. this exact same thing happened to me today. out of nowhere the power button stopped working. I removed the button and the inner button still works just not the black thing.

    Any ideas of what could have caused this issue?
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    anyone else?
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    Okay so here's the latest. Last night my screen would not toggle on or off, so I opened this thread and went to take back my phone to the local sprint store. I was backing up my memos on the way to the store in preperartion for an exchange. As I pulled up, I finished e-mailing myself the last memo and (because it's second nature) hit the power button to toggle off the screen. What would you know? It works! I go inside anyways, since I drove all the way to the mall, to talk to the sales rep to find out what I would do if I have any issues in the future and then leave with my 100% functional phone.

    A few hours after leaving, the phone starts acting up again. This time, I get the "tun off, flight mode, cancel" notrification every 30 seconds. By this time it's too late to take the phone back to the store... everything had closed.

    Eventually it stops for a couple hours. Then right before I got to bed, the screen starts turning itself off and on every few seconds. Whatever. So I figure I'll just return it the next day (Thursday) and plug it in to charge over night.

    Wake up this morning, everything is fine. Now it's 1:37 pm, and I've had no problems at all with it today.

    I don't know if I should take it in or not, because all they're going to say is, "It's working fine now.

    I tell ya...
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    I've had my pre for about 28 days now and it's starting to have issues. not sure what I should do or if I can do anything.
    I'm starting to get the oreo effect...seems like it gets a little be worse as each day goes on and I'm having some sound ringer and notification sounds work and the sound it makes when you flick a card off the screen but the sound on apps including pandora wouldn't work at all. I plugged in the headphones and I heard everything fine. Plugged and unplugged the headphones a few times and then I could hear the apps thru the external speaker again.
    I don't know if that's enough to return the phone or not but I only have 2 days left to figure it out I guess.

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