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    I think Palm, with their new App Store, should get out in front of the issue of apps sending information back to Palm and/or developers. In the App Store, just after the app name and file size, each app should describe what info it sends back, with an optional short explanation of how this makes for a better user experience. Ideally, Palm would determine this (or at least corroborate it) as part of their approval process.

    Will this scare away any app customers? I think since the cat is already out of the bag (re: info being sent back), many of these customers might already be assuming the worst. If the info exchange is truly innocuous, being open and up front can only help. Likewise, if a Tip Calculator is phoning home your user id, and how much your dinner tab is, that developer might have some 'splaining to do; especially if we can see that none of the other tip calculators are doing it.

    It appears that this information about app data collection/transmission tends to get out at some point anyway (I can easily envision a website where this information is posted for each and every app), so, better to be open and up front.

    I'd like to see Palm be the leader on this one.

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    You make it sound like Palm tried to hide this...but the cat was never in a "bag"....When I activated my Pre and read the User Agreements I understood this. You didn't read it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    You make it sound like Palm tried to hide this...
    I guess it wasn't clear that I was addressing the recent press pieces about this issue. You were inferring that these were my views, but it's the views of people who might be put off by such info transmission that I think Palm should address. I agree Palm is not (may not) be trying to hide anything, but that's not the same as posting exact information for each app (not the ambiguous language in the EULA).

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    What I don't get is how anonymously packaged data is in any way a privacy issue. It isn't like anyone can identify the info they gather related to for proper general troubleshooting and bug fixing to improve webOS as belonging to you specifically. A lot of developers gather this info all the time and it is anonymously packaged. If it's not then it gets classified as spyware and added to the dozens of security programs to get cleaned off. I would think that palm has sense enough to check that apps on the app catalog aren't spyware class apps.

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