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    Can someone please make a font editor app for the Pre. My fingers are so big, I can barely navigate the cursor when texting or writing. If I could only make the font bigger this would not be a problem. Thanks
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    I assume you mean placing the cursor in a specific spot in the text? There's a way to navigate the cursor in the text without having to tap on a specific place. Instead, hold down the orange key and run your finger left or right over the screen and the cursor will move. You don't even need to move your finger directly over the cursor when sliding - just slide your finger left or right ANYWHERE on the screen while holding down that orange button. The same works for highlighting text while holding down the shift key. Hope that made sense/fixes your problem.
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    Thanks, but I do use that method and my fingers are to big. I need the font to be bigger so i can use my finger more efficiently.
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    I had no idea you could slide anywhere. That awesome, thanks.
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    Accessing linux on the pre you can edit the CSS files for the apps and even the global specified fonts and sizes. I have altered a few font sizes myself. There is a specific global size specification for text entry.


    I believe it is the font-size line in the textarea.text-edit code segment of the file.

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