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    I have searched the Forums and can't find an answer to this question. I have many email accounts that I look at outside of work. One of them is on AOL. Is there a way to look at an incoming meesage and keep it new in AOL's inbox?
    Everytime I read a message it goes to the "Old Mail" Box. I know forwarding it to Outlook helps.
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    AOL isn't IMAP as far as I know ;(
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    You'll have to manually "Mark it as Unread" via the menu.
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    Got it
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    Quote Originally Posted by logie View Post
    AOL isn't IMAP as far as I know ;(
    Actually im pretty sure it is.. I mean I get my AOL email pushed as fast as Gmail
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    Yes AOL is IMAP.
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    use this link to switch to the new AOL unified messaging (aka, no more old mail folder, everything is in the new mail folder)

    How do I switch back to New and Old Mail folder?
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    I use Outlook 2007 as well as my phone, and noticed when I got back from vacay, that the emails in the outlook weren't loaded. I had been checking them via the phone all week(yes I know I was on vacay and shouldnt have LOL), but none the less none of those emails loaded on the outlook inbox, no correct that not all of them, most of them.
    Is there a setting fo the email that allows me to keep the loaded emails on the server?

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