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    Hopefully someone else will find this useful:

    One function I used a lot on my Palm Tx was a little reminder program (Diddlebug). I'd screen-write a note, and set an alarm. I figured I'd use the Pre's Clock app for this, as I can type the reminder note in place of the "alarm name".

    But, when the alarm goes off, I can't quickly silence it by pressing the "volume down" button. I have to pull the phone out of its holster (now the alarm is louder!), slide up to unlock, then press the "dismiss" button. It can be pretty disruptive.

    So, using Audacity to manipulate the mp3 file of the alarm I want, I silenced all but the first two seconds or so. Then, I elongated the file to a total of 5 minutes. Now, when the alarm goes off, it only sounds for 2 seconds, and I can snooze or dismiss leisurely, and in silence. If I don't touch it, it continues to play silence for 5 minutes and then repeats, like a built in 5 minute snooze.

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    GREAT idea.
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    That is an excellent idea, I might just use that. Thanks!

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