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    I would like to get started with Goolge Voice & the homebrew apps associated with it.

    I see you need an invite, is this like Gmail back in the day where anyone can send anyone an invite? Or do i just have to wait for Google to send invitations?

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    I asked for an invite a week ago and they sent me the invitation 2 days later...

    So don't expect to wait very long...
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    Ok thanks!
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    Got my invite 2 days after i requested it, Cool thing is to get to chose your number, I was able to get a google Voice number with the same last 4 digits as my cell number, diff Area code and 3 digit prefix, but same last 4. I was stoked!

    I am very impressed by The Homebrew apps integrating with Gvoice, I prefer Gdial pro App smoother cleaner feel works Great!
    , I like the looks of DGgooglevoice, Both are excellent Gvoice Apps.

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    I was blown away by the speech-to-text stuff. Just awesome. I use it to give out to people who I don't really want them having my cell number, like people responding to Craigslist ads and such. I couldn't get anything near my cell phone number, but I did get an easy to remember number.
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    I asked for an invite yesterday. I don't know much about the service yet. But I was hoping it would help me with my minutes, as all my friends have switched to VZW. And I can't really afford to up my plan ATM.

    Hopefully, I'll get it soon, so I can take the homebrew for a spin.
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    I was able to get a number that describes me. 4-corny-1.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    I tried getting an invite and it never showed. I went to eBay and paid $1, now I have my own GV number. Works great with the homebrew apps.

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