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    About two weeks after purchasing my Pre, I contacted Sprint about the insurance for the phone (TEP). They pointed me to the website, and directed me to the company that manages the insurance (Asurion Protection Services). I called Asurion and signed up for TEP. Asurion told me that I was covered with TEP.

    Yesterday I was at a Sprint store looking at my plan, and they told me I didn't have TEP on the account. This was bad because you have to do it within the first 30 days of purchase. I had to call Sprint, talk to a supervisor, explain everything, etc. They didn't want to budge at first, but luckily they had notes from my earlier phone calls where I asked about the TEP and we had to call Asurion to confirm that I had signed up with them. Sprint tells me that this was a misunderstanding by both Asurion and me. They did add it back to my account though, because of the notes.

    If you signed up for TEP, and did it ANY way other than directly at the Sprint store, you may want to check with Sprint.
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    Good looking out m8. Thanks

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