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    Just wondering if anyone else got more than the $100.00 rebate?

    Got the family plan with two pre's and came over from Verizon. I am not complaining at all.. two pre's for a total of about $150.00.. no complaints at all!!!!
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    Wish I knew how you did that I just checked my rebate status and it's been approved for $100.00 oh well it's what I was expecting now if they would just send it too me says it could take another 30 days before they mail it out.
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    There was a thread about a few of us who had bought two phones getting $350 rebates. I was one of them who got $350. $450 you got us all beat.
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    I want to know too because I'm about to do the exact same thing. Leaving Vzw and getting Pre's for my wife and myself. At least after a bit more research anyway.
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    Well obviously it is an error on their part so there would not be a how to about the matter
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    Must be an error indeed. I got the family plan as well with two Pre's and I got a $200 check this week.
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    Pre Pre, when I purchased 2 Q's I was due $150 for each. The ended up sending me 2 checks for $300!

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