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    Hey All!

    This is my first post ever in this forum, so g'day g'day!! Like most of you, I have been a long long time, Palm Fanatic. Back in High School, I HAD to have the Palm IIIx when it came out.. There's just nothing in terms of handhelds / smartphones that are as simple yet versatile as Palms.

    Unfortunately, as you all know, Palm has been self-destructing, ever since the Original Palm Pilot days... spinning off a software arm when there were clearly no benefits in doing so, taking forever to innovate whilst the competition (Pocket PCs etc) was starting to take long strides ahead, and then producing & subsequently cancelling a half-baked product in the Foleo, which would have been a pioneering netbook had Jeff Hawkins not been so ignorant in actually thinking that nearly everyone has a Treo phone.

    ANYWAYS, long story short... I, like many of you, do not want Palm to disappear. I think they still have the chance to make some amazing products in the years to come, particularly with the new WebOS platform, but lets be realistic here...

    Currently, Palm's sales are not that good. The Treo Pro is starting to show its age (running WM6.1 whereas other vendors are starting to push out WM6.5 devices), and the best selling Palm product over the past few years, is the now ancient Centro, which surely cannot last much longer ... it can't even handle 3G mobile technology! Further, PDAs are rarely purchased these days, which essentially means one thing...

    Palm survival in the immediate future, rests largely on the Palm Pre.. Just as an aside, I think the 6 month exclusivity period with Sprint's CDMA network was a bit of a mistake. Not everyone is using CDMA, in fact, most are moving towards GSM-based networks.. Being an Australian, I've been frustrated big-time at not being able to get my hands on a GSM Pre yet!

    Over the past few weeks we have seen countless reports of reductions in demand for the Pre - whether this is true, we do not know given Sprint/Palm's reluctance to release figures. SO, given that Palm's financial viability is heavily dependant on the success of the Pre, and that basically anyone who is mentally stable would clearly be turned off by the current Palm Pre ads, I thought I'd throw out an idea to you all...

    How bout we start the PreCentral PreTV Competition?

    I propose that we ask members of PreCentral and anyone else out there in cyberland, to produce their own TV Commercial, which they believe would be the most effective in getting Pre's out the door, and hence help secure the future of Palm..

    As an incentive, we could say ask entrants to pay $1 - $5 for entry, which would go into a kitty (presumably administered by the Moderators of this forum, whoever they are), and then we figure out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes out of there..

    We could use youtube to host the commericals, and then the winners would either be the most popularly rated commericals on youtube, and/or those judged best by Precentral users/mods. Obviously given I've come up with the idea, I'm instantly disqualified from entering the competition.

    What do you reckon?

    I'm more than happy to administer the competition. Hopefully by us doing some hard work, we can steer Palm in the right directions to attracting the attention of its target market ... us! Even tho the newer Palm commercials are starting to talk about features rather than reincarnation, they are so dreadful, it makes me want to buy a Nokia 5110 just to spite Palm & Tamara Hope!!

    Drop a line. I'm anticipating if this thread becomes popular, I'll start up the competition by the end of this month - Aug09. Any one want to help me? Preferably a few moderators

    Oh, and mods, if you think this thread is worthy, could you please sticky it??


    Talk soon

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    The new commercials are very effective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasracer View Post
    The new commercials are very effective.

    hey Kasracer! Thanks for your reply Are you referring to the new Sprint Ads or Palm Pre Ads? The new Sprint Ads work fantastically methinks.. the now network slogan works quite well IMO.

    The new Palm Pre Ads... yeah, they are more effective than previous Pre ads, but they just create a seriously disturbing aura about the Pre. Just check youtube comments, I'm not alone here on that one.. I just cant seem it appealling to young to mid-40s like the iPhone does. I can't help but feel that the Pre would be selling slightly better if the Pre was being marketed as a "hip new device that does everything you want and then some", rather than a spiritual experience. Roger McNamee did say in no uncertain terms that he believed a lot of prospective customers would be ex-iphone users..
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    Sounds like a good idea.
    SPRINT did that with instinct , but are now brain dead to abandon the concept for Pre.
    On the positive note , this will really open up the Pre to the "FAT MIDDLE" world.

    You might want to discuss with Dieter.

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