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    Congrats, do you have any skins or screen protector ready for it?
    I had the Zagg Invisible shield on my iphone, and really liked it. Therefore, I had bought the full body cover from Zagg for the Pre also.

    The phone will be here tomorrow, Thursday. Thus far, all i have been doing is just read and read and read...downloaded quick OS install, filecoasters, and a few homebrew apps. The scary part is i might have problem with the Rooting process thru Linux... I'm not too familiar with Linux... But i will figure it out. Just like the iPhone when it first came out, i had to jailbreak it manually, was tough but i did it. Hopefully some devs can come up with apps that would do quick change when it comes to theme-ing the phone. Anyhow, Im excited. Looking forward to tomorrow!!!

    HappyDay peeps.
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    Good move....jus remember that the pre_s screen aint like the iphone...protect it
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    Even wiff da new builds the screen still cracks?
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