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    I have rooted the Pre, set up MyTether to the proper steps according to several different walk throughs, and have scoured countless posts trying to ascertain what I am doing wrong trying to get wi-fi tethering to work. The app is installed correctly, it says tethering enabled when I turn it on, but my computer's wireless adapter only recognizes the network- it can't connect to it for some reason! I have tried everything I could think of: rebooted the phone, rebooted the computer, upgraded the drivers on the wireless adapter, looked around some more on the internet about it... I just can't find the problem! If anyone could help I would REALLY appreciate it. Feel free to contact me on MSN, email, or leave a response here. Thanks for you time
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    Forgot to include contact information and I don't have enough posts to edit yet. Sorry!!

    MSN: ballerstatus00 @ hotmail DOT com
    email: haloexperiment @ gmail DOT com

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