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    Got bored at work and went down to the Bell stores downstairs from my place. First place said they don't have any, I asked for a demo, but they insisted that they won't even show it until Aug 27, so I went to the other store in the same mall. Went inside, asked the guy if they have the Pre, he said yes but again can't sell till 27, but have a working one. Went there, opened the drawer, and let me played with it.

    First impression, awesome screen. Lighyears ahead of my Centro. Fired up the web browser, didn't play it for long, just a few clicks here and there. Had some troubles with the gestures (zooming, etc.) but I think I'm just not used to it. Browsing was kind of slow, but I guess it was because of EV-DO in a basement.

    The GSM one just can't come quick enough. And no I'm not getting the Bell one, CDMA doesn't cut it for me.
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    Yeah browsing is definitely not slow. The browsing experience is a pleasure on the Pre.

    In no time at all the gestures become second nature. I'm sure you've read many posts from people (including myself) who find themselves attempting them on other phones.

    Page down gesture in landscape is the greatest.
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    i speed tested on wifi against a 3gs and my pre smoked the 3gs. my freind was in awe. i made fun of him lol but ya the pre is fast possibly the fastest out there!

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