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    I was wondering, I have alot of texts/picturemail right now on my pre (i've had my pre since like 3 weeks after it came out), probably like 6000, and since the pre stores all of them, I was wondering, A) where are they stored? and B) does storing all of these make my texting application/other apps slower/more laggy?

    I have noticed a lag when I click on the messaging app. It takes like 3-4 seconds until the messaging thing pops up, and I do get a lag when scrolling too, but I was wondering, is this my fault, because I haven't deleted any texts at all, and I text alot?
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    This may not be alot of help as I do not own a pre (1 more month on contract till i get one) but my Centro absoultly starts to lag when text message strings start to get long. I know the pre is a much more advanced phone but it def sounds like that could be it.
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    I would like to see some feedback on this as well
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    Yesterday i had about 20-25 convo's in my messages. Some of the convo's have been there since I got the phone on release day. Plenty of them had picture messages. Phone started to get very laggy in the message section. I decided to delete each of them one by one and yes the message section is much faster now. Every time I clicked on the message icon it would take close to 4 or 5 seconds for it to open. Now its pretty snappy and starting a new convo and such is much quicker. Also the "back" gesture is faster in that area. Just what i've noticed so far. Hope this helps
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    well i had about 100 convos and then i decided to delete all of them
    phone is very snappy with only 1 or 2 convos, and the back gesture is almost instant which i like. once you get 30 or so conversation the Pre does seem to lag just a lil bit

    Which the Pre was snappier no matter how many convos in there
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    Even though this post is about where memos are stored it appears messaging conversation data is stored in it as well which I assume means sms, mms, IM etc.

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