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    First off, try a search. Secondly, research before purchases. Thirdly, I hope you aren't another one-post wonder here to bash the Pre.
    And lastly, phone is spelled with a ph- and not an f-.
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    Battery life is entirely dependent on how you use the phone. If I want to, I can drain the battery in two hours or it can last me all day. At least Palm allows us the option to swap in a fresh battery or buy a bigger, higher capacitty battery.

    The added productivity and convenience far outweighs the potential battery life issues, at least in my opinion.
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    Will the seidio's 2600mah battery work with the touchstone? I imagine any extended life battery is going to require a different back and won't have the capability of working with touchstone?
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    Please review the Forum Guidelines.

    In particular note the section on Searching:
    Search! Search! Search! - Your question probably has been answered or discussed. Before posting a new thread, please use the search feature at the top of each page first. Even though a user may be posting a question that has already been answered, we are always polite and give the link to where the answers can be found. We never tell them to "search for yourself."

    In this case, Dieter Bohn has documented a number of tips for Improving Battery Life. This article expands on several of the ideas.

    From my own personal experience I went from under 6 hours to being able to go nearly 24 hours.

    Basically, it comes down to this. If you have a weak signal, your phone is constantly working to keep you connected. Also, the Pre is trying to be all things to all people. Each thing takes power. If you won't be using a feature, turn it off.

    You probably have a number of radios running in the Pre at one time.

    For instance, consider Location Services. How much power does a GPS draw if it is constantly updating and searching for satellites? So I followed the advice and turned off all three of these under Location Services: Auto Locate, Use GPS, and Background Data Collection. At the very least, I did not want to give up any battery life so that they could collect more data on me.

    If I use an app that need to auto locate or use GPS, a message pops up asking to turn it on. When I close that app, it quits using the service.

    There are 15 others that really helped me.

    - Craig
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