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    Well, I somehow managed to drop my pre for the first time ever, and it was in water (i have a naked pre inside of a piel frama leather case) . It was fully submerged for a good 5 seconds before I jumped in and got it (it does not float ). I pulled the battery out and dried it, also again with compressed air. In the beginning it would turn off after about a minute of use (it also displayed the charging symbol although it wasn't charging), with the keyboard and camera not working. I let it dry some more, and the keyboard regained function, and water in the lens of the camera gone, but for some reason the camera would still not work. Then after another couple of hours my pre seemed to regain full function although the charging icon has not gone away. Their seemed to be some sort of sand/grit in the slider, but I worked it all out by repeatedly sliding it. I'm not sure I even need a new phone.

    I have noticed that it seems a little slower, and the battery life doesn't seem as long (I could be wrong on both, maybe i just think it does those things)

    Just wanted to write this to see if anyone else had a similar experience and to see what they did to fix it.
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    Anytime you get a device wet NEVER turn it back on until you've fully dried it out. The act of getting wet doesnt' damage the device as much as electricity running through the device while it's wet. Leave your Pre with the battery removed for a day or two in a ziplock bag full of white rice. Next time you get any device wet this is what you do with the device before powering it on.
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    In case of water diving, you are better off shutting off the phone. Putting it in rice/cat liter and let all the water out. Don't turn on/off and test electrical components when it is still wet.
    Hope it comes back to full strength n works out for you.

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