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    Within the past week my phone has been having problems charging. As you know, the phone vibrates when attached to the charger. My phone will repeatedly vibrate, because it keeps connecting/disconnecting over and over again when I set it to charge. It didn't do this last week, and I've just gotten home from vacation. I thought it was a problem with the outlet but I've tried with numerous different outlets, including one at a different house so it must be the phone. It could be an issue with the usb chord, or the phone itself, I'm not sure. Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas?
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    mine is doing the same thing.....the touchstone still works but for some reason the outlet and car charger is not charging....strange
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    do you have a touchstone?
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    Not yet, haven't decided if I wanna spend the money. But that really shouldn't matter. I'm gonna take it into a corporate store this week and I hope they don't give me any crap.

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