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    So the honeymoon with my Pre lasted about 2 months. She was so pretty and shiny and smooth. But once I began to look past the beautiful hardware and slick interface, I realized that I'm suddenly 300 times LESS productive on this thing than I was on my Treo 650.

    No more universal search to find out in 1.5 seconds when my kids' last dentist appointment was. No (native) HandyShopper for shopping lists, travel lists, workout regimens. No more syncable memos or tasks -- not even with Missing Sync.

    Speaking of Missing Sync, I downloaded the paid version a few weeks ago, and now THAT doesn't even work to sync with iCal. MarkSpace says that the webOS 1.1.0 update screwed up iCal syncing so that the process breaks when it tries to handle repeating events. There is no estimated time for correction, but there is a workaround: go through my 15 years of calendar data, move all repeating events to a separate calendar, then sync all calendars except the new, repeating event calendar which will then reside on only the Desktop or the Pre but not both.

    The one saving grace, at least it's not an iPhone.
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    Yeah, I'm having problems with Missing Sync also. I wind up with multiple copies of the same appointments. (I probably get a new duplicate each time I sync) I'm glad that someone's offering Sync with the Mac, but they've got some kinks to work out.
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    Good to know that they recognize the iCal sync problems. Thanks.
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    I never had any luck with missing sync even with my old htc touch. Maybe because I use mac. In any case I feel the OP pain. Unfortunately mistakenly thought webos would a improvement over palm is. If I'm not mistaken palm os was bought by another company. So in essence webos is strting from scratch. The pre is great if all your personal info is on the web ie facebook google etc. Still not comfortable with having my info on a cloud
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    There are some "missing sync" features with missing sync. There's no way to sync the bookmarks you create on the Pre. Also, no way to sync any calendar data made in calendars other than the ones created by Missing Sync itself. Also, you can only sync certain kinds of data by WiFi. Everything else has to be by USB. This is not at all how I imagined a program like this should work!
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    MissingSync is always a nightmare.... I've used it for both Windows Mobile and BlackBerry before and neither version were even good... in the end, MarkSpace's solution always ****ed up my calendar and contacts.

    i highly suggest everyone to stop usually it before it happens to them too.
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    Missing Sync seems to work well with iCal for me.

    Originally, I followed Palm's instructions on how to transfer my Palm calendar data into my Pre: transfer to iCal, run their program, done. I ended up with quadruplicates or worse of my 12,000 items. It was so slow I could barely open any day, let alone scroll.

    Last weekend, I wiped my profile, installed Missing Sync again, and sync'ed. Took an hour over WiFi, but now I have my 12,000 items, no duplicates, includes recurring and all day items, and it is normal speed.

    My problem is contacts. It seems that for contacts with multiple email addresses (close friends, spouses, close co-workers), Missing Sync creates an "other" SMS entry that removes the "." and "@" punctuation. So I could no longer mail my boss. This sucks. Especially for the $$$ I paid.
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