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    The quality of a palm pre is good to me.. But when ever someone calls me they have a hard time hearing me.. I may have 3 bars and it will still do it.. I'm getting pissed off because this is my 2nd pre.
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    I have to attribute my horrible call experinces on the Pre with both Sprint and the Palm Pre itself... My signal bounces all over at home. Even when I do get a sustained three bars, people on the other end claim my voice is choppy. I confirmed this by calling my gf's phone and left a lenghty message. It sounded as though I was in an elevator. :-(

    I called Sprint and they claim that I am in a "strong" covereage area. (Chicago) I told the rep my issue and she told me the same thing happens to her (gee thanks!) They tried to send my phone updated network settings, but to no avail. I sit at my desk and get voicemail notifications without ever hearing the phone ring <sigh>. Had to take it back as the area 5 miles north of me where I am moving to has a lousy Sprint signal on the Pre and call quality is as important to me as anything else. (can't use an airwave when down the street is 0-1 bar @ 1x) I'm afraid I may have to wait until the Pre [EDIT: ANY WebOS device] comes out as an unlocked GSM phone so I can get it on Tmobile.

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    You guys are able to make calls?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knee Dragger View Post
    You guys are able to make calls?
    LOL, I am now, but I'm either stuck using a MyTouch 3g or a unlocked iPhone!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knee Dragger View Post
    You guys are able to make calls?
    my thoughts exactly
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    I have absolutely zero problems making or receiving calls on my Pre. (SF Bay Area)
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    Everyone I've asked has said that I sound very good to excellent when talking directly on the Pre. Using Bluetooth, of course, is hit and miss, and no worse than my Treo 650, HTC Mogul, or HTC Touch Pro.

    Very pleased with the quality.
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    I've never had a problem hearing or being heard on my Pre which is more than I can say about any other phone I've owned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMarco View Post
    I have absolutely zero problems making or receiving calls on my Pre. (SF Bay Area)
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMarco View Post
    I have absolutely zero problems making or receiving calls on my Pre. (SF Bay Area)
    Same here.. I actually have bad reception in my house and I've never had any problems hearing and I haven't received any complaints about not being heard.
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    I think it may be a problem with your Pre's mic if I understand the situation. My first Pre (got it day 1) had a mic problem. People I talked with said they barely heard me and I tried it myself by calling my house phone. Got it exchanged and the newer one sounds perfect. I live in Nyc and I have plenty of bars everywhere I go so I know it wasn't a service issue. Hope this helps.
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    No problems making or getting calls nor call clarity.

    I am in east Phoenix and there is decent coverage and the calls are clear.
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    I actually find the quality quite good (and I'm an audio engineer). Anyway I discovered something about talking on the Pre, my friend was saying that people couldn't hear him very well. So I did a test with his phone and mine to see if it was the phone itself. Turns out since the Pre closed is not very long, the side of his cheek was covering the mic at times and would make him sound like he was drifting in and out while sounding muffled. Maybe this is happening with some others?
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    The only problems I have are the same places where I had problems with my old Sprint mogul phone, especially in my apartment in NYC. The Pre seemed to do a bit worse in my apartment, dropping calls wise. But I applied the Roam only hack, where I get 5 bars roaming, and from one short phone call earlier tonight, the person on the other end sounded crystal clear, and there were no cutoffs. But this will have to see more testing.

    Otherwise, crystal clear phone call quality.
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    No problems on both fronts here.
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    Not a single issue here with call quality and only had one dropped call since i've bought the phone on release day.
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    No problems here, even in low bar areas.

    Kalamazoo, MI
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    Hate that you have to put the phone on your right ear so that the Mic can be on top then you don't sound muffled.. It is hard for me to talk like that and hold my phone with my shoulder..why couldn't they put the Mic in the middle????
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    Heres a question: I live in NYC, have great coverage and good call quality EXCEPT when talking with the keyboard closed.

    If I answer a call without opening the keyboard, the entire call is riddled with pops and clicks. If I slide the keyboard open, no background noise.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Do I have a bad unit? Wifi and Bluetooth are OFF.
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    I get great call performance here in the Carolinas.
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