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    Ok, so I hope someone here can help, or point me in the right direction. First off let me say that I don't like itunes one bit, the only reason I have it on my computer WAS to put songs on my pre, as a way of ensuring the album art would show on my phone. so, my knowledge of itunes, is hence, severely limited.

    So when I first got the phone, I downloaded itunes, after reading about others having issue with the album art showing up while using wmp or just dragging and dropping. So i used itunes, simple drag and drop! great the album art showed up! I didn't use my phone much after that for music. However last week I had my zune stolen. And considering that was my life, I thought if i just carried the charger around with me, i could use the pre as my portable media device. Lo and behold, just like others on these forums, the album art disappeared.

    I needed to resync to itunes. BUT, about a month a go my mobo sh** the bed, so I had to replace it, which means clean install of OS. (I seem to be going thru mobos at a rate of 1 every 6 mos!) Well i reinstall itunes this morning to resync songs, and itunes can't delete songs off of the pre, because this computer wasn't the computer that put them on there. (at least that's what an hr of google searches led me to believe) I do the show hidden folders method (well my hidden folders were already set to show), and delete all the songs, tho their names were ACBG.mp3 or similar. I then drag and drop the songs back onto the pre via itunes. Great right?

    Well, now I unplug the pre, and go the music content, it still shows all the songs i had removed (I didn't necessarily sync the sames songs, as it was drag and drop, and my memory is not that good) and no album art on any of the music. the missing files or the 'new' files.

    I am at a loss, how can i remove the songs that are already gone? And can i guarantee the album art will show? I thought that's what itunes was for! So if anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it!
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    Download MediaMonkey. It is an excellent jukebox with awesome track taggin features. It can pull album art from, and the images are usually 300x300 or 500x500.
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    Ok, i will look into that thanks. But any idea how to get the songs that are on, off and to not show in itunes?

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