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    I've been holding off and waiting to see what Palm does with the app catalog but the lack of a Google Voice app is making me lean towards the homebrew solution. So is there any reason why I wouldn't want to use a homebrew app? Like most early adopters I'm not afraid of doing stuff to my phone or computer so that's not an issue.

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    Let's see...any reason NOT to use Homebrew...

    I suppose it is possible that an unscrupulous person could develop a Homebrew App that would trash your phone without your knowing it, or set up some kind of GPS relay that would send them constant signals as to your whereabouts so that they could stalk you.

    It is also possible that an amateur could develop an app without knowing what they are doing and screw up your OS, but then you could just run WebDoctor.

    I love the Homebrew apps, and I was nervous, but they are working fine for me. Try some out!
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    but I had two HW swap outs and at least 4 complete SW resets and got tired of having to download everything again. This is the reason I have not started doing it.

    Two things that have to happen for me to download more apps

    1. Needs to backup the apps so I dont have to re-install.
    2. Review system has to be in place as I never install an app without reading good and bad reviews.

    That being said, I am tempted more and more everyday. The homebrew developer are really contributing to the community in a positive way.

    One good side note (and I hope the homebrewers realize this), is that the longer new apps take, the more homebrew apps show up and claim the catchy names. This will be pivotal as far as trademarks go because of prior art considerations.
    Thank you
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    Is that necessarily true? That homebrew apps are taking up names? Palm hasn't exactly approved them.
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    I was reluctant like many here but once they put out that quick install I got hooked on the homebrew apps. Many of the apps will be converted to the official apps catalog once out of beta and this will give you the opportunity to try before you have to buy. The is some really good stuff in the HB catalog, I say go for it.
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    Other than FUD, no.
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    if u want to be a loser. then ...........
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    "Life is Hard... it's harder if your stupid"
    - John Wayne
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    For all intents and purpose, not really. Any unscrupulous person that uploads a malicious homebrew app would be banned so fast and the app removed from here. Other sites, not so sure about, but the community around here is pretty adamant about their devices. :-)

    There is always a possibility of malicious intent when you are using an unverified program, on any platform. If it does what you need though, then go for it. t definitely isn't hard on the Pre anymore, most Apps don't require rooting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennat View Post
    just joshin'
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    If you want to avoid the no memory error(or something like that) when installing apps.
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    Chug at Palm said they are trying to get some of the homebrews on to the App Catalog
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    Well I was the most chicken about it -- I'd never even heard the term homebrew apps before buying this phone. But I kept reading about how easy it was, someone here mentored me a little and I've not looked back. I love the apps, some are truly amazing.

    Now I haven't rooted -- that scares me -- but if it can be downloaded through filecoaster or the osquickinstall thing -- then I do it.

    I say go for it!
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    ^^ I'm with you on that one. I've avoided rooting my Pre, but am all over the homebrews! I think I'm only really interested in the homebrew apps because the App Catalog isn't that big yet. Had there been a couple hundred apps already available, I probably could've held off.
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    Get on the homebrew train! Many of the developers would be creating apps for the Palm App Catalog...if it were fully functioning. I don't see much of a difference using PrePod now as a homebrew or waiting another six to twelve months to get the "official" Palm-approved version of the same app. I don't think developers are keeping some secret features that they will add when they finally join the palm app catalog.

    There may well be more webos phones before the app catalog opens. Palm should be grateful that people are allowing webos to show what is capable of...I'm sure it will help encourage people to try webos.

    I love the homebrew crew!! I had no idea a phone that would meet my work needs could almost get me to not use my iPod! When someone gets a way to do tv out!
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    Other than what has been said, the only additional reason I can think to not install homebrew apps is if you do not want to be a beta tester. Much of what those who install homebrew are doing is assisting the developers in identifying bugs and suggesting enhancements to applications that will eventually make it to the App Catalog. If your expectation is for fully operational and supported products, you might be disappointed. However, every developer of apps I've installed has been extremely supportive, especially considering they are not making any money for their efforts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Is that necessarily true? That homebrew apps are taking up names? Palm hasn't exactly approved them.
    Palm can always approve an "official app" that with the same name as a homebrew, but if the intent of the developer is to trademark the app, then they will have a tough time with the process.
    Thank you
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    Will there be a way for developers who WANT to keep their apps free of charge to do so?

    I guess it would be:
    a) Get it into the app store but somehow insist that the price is $0.00
    b) Keep it as a homebrew/beta app

    Is there any downside to apps remaining in the Homebrew category indefinitely?

    (Thanks to all of the homebrew developers for all of your hard work... love the spirit of the development community!)
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    One reason I have avoided flooding my Pre with homebrew apps is because I don't want remnants of programs left over on my Pre as soon as Palm comes out with an update and a program is no longer needed. I don't think I have seen anyone figure out yet how to completely remove all traces of a program that is installed. Not even sure Palm has done it effectively yet.
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    I can't imagine going back to being BORED BORED BORED without the homebrew apps. If there are remnants that get in the way -- one thing for sure is one of these GREAT developers will figure out a way to deal with it.

    Until then, I love waking up each morning and running filecoaster to see how many new apps are ready for downloading.

    Yes, my life is apparently that boring that filecoaster is a highlight!
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