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    I've got a compelling reason... ever since installing homebrew apps, my Pre is not on its touchstone when I go to fetch it. Rather, I find it in my girlfriend's hands. Thank you, Dope Wars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mandystreasures View Post
    I can't imagine going back to being BORED BORED BORED without the homebrew apps. If there are remnants that get in the way -- one thing for sure is one of these GREAT developers will figure out a way to deal with it.

    Until then, I love waking up each morning and running filecoaster to see how many new apps are ready for downloading.

    Yes, my life is apparently that boring that filecoaster is a highlight!
    I second that!!!

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    My only concern is that future OS updates wipe out all this goodness requiring developers to rewrite (and us to reinstall) every time we get an update.
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    I agree with what others have positively stated about HB Apps, and would add that I was also afraid of "ROOTING" (to non-linux folks, I'm sure just the term "rooting" just sounds too intense). I did, however "root" my Pre to install one specific must-have app. I must say, if you already run the SDK, are ok with DEV-MODE on the Pre, then "rooting" is hardly worth mentioning as far as easy goes.

    All in all, the community here is more like the WinMo communities out there with regards to customizing the device. Being in IT, I REALLY REALLY like that!
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    I too was scared of homebrewing and more so rooting esp. I had heard of hombrewing b4 for things such as my wii but heard horror stories of things being bricked etc. I then saw the ease of the step by step how to post and figured if I screwed up and bricked my pre I would find a way to get another even if I had to go the $100 deductible route.. I still will not homebrew my wii per say just yet though. But so far with file coster and quick install I have gotten a few apps I dont know how i could live with out!

    My only worry/concern (since im still new to homebrewing) is when an app that I absolutely love and have installed makes its way to the official app store doe the homebrew version become useless? or does it just work to the limitations that it has at that state? Because most of the apps even with the constant bug fixes and updates work well beyond my need and I have donated to a few and it would suck for them to make it to the app catalog only for me to have to pay for it all over again???
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    There is one thing that was brought to my attention while speaking to Sprint about a hardware issue (Phone turning off when i shut the keyboard) he was telling me because I had downloaded unofficial apps to my Pre, my insurance may no longer cover any problems relating to my OS. The worst part about it... I was not complaining about a software issue and he brought that up out of nowhere. Kinda scary. If anyone else has had any issue like this, please let me know.
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    It doesn't void warranty or anything, right?

    Also, I'm going to be returning my phone again soon. Will Palm backup all the homebrew stuff I put on there?
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    Homebrew apps cannot be backed up. If you get another Pre you will have to download again.
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    where is your slider info?
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    Is there a clear and very easy tutorial on how to load homebrews. I'm really bad at these things I know know no buz words. Please help I need a better calendar app. are there any?
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    I hate to bring back old threads, but I didn't want to dedicate a new thread to this. I just wanted to thank off of the brains on Precentral who put together all of the tutorials and the homebrew developers and patchers who made the missing functionality a reality for us.

    I bought my phone just four days ago and today, in only 10 minutes or so, I was able to follow the tutorials and add a plethora of patches . . . things like LED notifications, landscape e-mail, 4X4 icon launcher, etc. Thank you to all on this board that make learning about and playing with the Pre such a good experience. Enough cannot be said to thank you guys.
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    The reason why I haven't installed homebrew apps/patches(yet) is because I don't want to deal with the patches not being removed correctly and messing up my upgrade to 1.4 in February...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ho0lee0h View Post
    The reason why I haven't installed homebrew apps/patches(yet) is because I don't want to deal with the patches not being removed correctly and messing up my upgrade to 1.4 in February...
    Valid point for patches, but there is no reason not to try out any of the homebrew apps as they shouldn't interfere with any OS updates.
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    the emergency patch remover from the webOsinternalz guys works wonders, the last update (which had some huge change in apps storage and the like) updated without a hitch, after running the EPR. As for apps you don't need to worry with updating, that works fine afaikafaikafaik.

    i got my pre early december, and i instantly installed preware to it. the really cool homebrew community here is one of the main reasons why i got a pre over an iphone or droid.
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