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    Ive had my pre for about 2 weeks now and its almost unusable half the places i go due to no signal, I previously had an htc touch and never had a problem with it anywhere. I have all the latest updates, and aside from the roam hack, is there anyway to boost the signal strength on these things?

    other things i dislike, the battery life is horrible, cant last a day without re-charging and the thing gets really-really hot when using it for more than a few minutes. (sorry -just venting)
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    battery life should improve soon.. (its wierd but after a couple of charge cycles it improves).. Signal Strength will hopefully be addressed during an update soon.. (I had the same issue with my INSTINK) it was later fixed.
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?
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    Yeah if your signal strength is weak, you phone will be constantly searching for 3g signal and killing your battery. Get your MSL and change your home agent to the closest one to you, as described here:

    That should help some with signal and battery life. I live in San Antonio, TX, and my home agent was set to Atlanta, GA. I noticed a big improvement once I changed it to Fort Worth, TX.

    Also, I HIGHLY recommend getting this extended battery:

    My phone will last 1.5 - 2 days on a charge. Also, and the phone just feels better in my hand; now it is just the right size and has a back with a better grip than the factory one. I'm not as worried about dropping my phone now
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