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    I have Mac Os X 10.5 and when I was using the original USB cord Palm sent with the phone, I would get an option to use the phone for media sync, file transfer, or just charge when I connected it. Now I bought a USB cord from a third party and all it does is recharge, nothing else.

    Are you locked in to using Palm's USB cord?
    Is there any way to force the Palm to mount on my Apple?

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    You have a choice of 13872 other threads discussing charging and USB cables. Please let 13873 die.
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    I use a non palm usb cable and have all the options available I bought it at radio shack I believe it is a gigabyte brand. I have had no issues with it thus far..
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    With all due respect, the only solution that I've found is that I need to reboot my computer. I've done that and it doesn't help.

    Also, if you search for "USB cable and media sync" you get around three results. So unless you go through the dozens of search results for just "USB cable," answers are not so easy to come by.

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    I was able to use a coworkers blackberry usb cable to charge my pre and it gave me all three options.
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    Any chance the cable you bought was marketed as a charging cable? After a few minutes of research on USB charging over the weekend, I've gathered that if the D+ and D- lines are shorted, the host will "know" to only apply charging current. If you have the capability/interest, you could check the resistance between the middle two contacts of the cable. They may be shorted, whether intentionally or not.

    Otherwise, I've purchased a few OEM USB to micro USB cables, and they work correctly when connected to the computer.

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    I use a blackberry usb cable.. no problems.
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    I have used 2 cables with the mac with no problems...maybe just a defect cable...they are only $3.58 for one so I would return yours and order a few from there...sorry yours didn't work out!

    EDIT: The part # is 5458 and it workd just fine with my Mac, PC, and an AC adapter...hope this helps!
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    I have 5 cables from All work extremely well. I also bought a couple of 1amp chargers - one for the office one for the car. Charge like pros.
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    Some of the non-Palm cables I have wouldn't power a Touchstone.

    I saw a note in one of the threads about how much/which USB standard was implemented in the cable being a factor.

    I suspect that may be related to TomJ's comments about 'charging only'.

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