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    so i read somewhere but can't find it anymore and i wanted to know if this was true...when palm releases a new update, should all the homebrew apps be deleted first and then downloaded again after the update is complete? oh and another thing while i have your thoughts...i've downloaded a lot of the homebrew..which i greatly appreciate to everyone who created them..sometimes it says install error, not enough memory. i kow i have a lot of mem left but i have delete another app so i can download a new one...any thoughts on that?
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    I add some Homebrew apps installed when WebOS 1.1 was released. So I updated from WebOS1.0.4 to WebOS1.1 just by clicking on the update. Everything worked fine for me. I heard there are some apps that give problems, but can't verify which ones. If it does happen all you have to do is just delete the app itself (Orange button + tap the app) and then just reinstall that app.

    Updates are almost seemless and fairly quick/smooth for everything thus far....*Knock on wood!

    Hope that helps!
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    No you don't have to uninstall homebrew apps. What you do need to do before you update revert back to default settings if you root your pre.

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