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    I am an Electrician and my best guess is that the Globalsat device was applying 5v to an additional pin. Which the Globalsat device needs to function, but when applied to the Pre will fry it.
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    so is sprint replacing it?
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    Ok, here's what I've found.

    The auto adapter is pretty much toast. I'm not sure if it was screwed up before I plugged the Pre into it or if it was destroyed in the same event.

    When I got home I took the adapter apart. The 5amp fuse in it was still intact (passed continuity test). The adapter sends power across pins 1 & 4 as expected. Pins 2 & 3 (Data pins) are not connected to anything, and are not shorted, so that is not inline with the standard for USB "Dedicated Charging Devices", but that shouldn't cause any damage by itself.

    I put the adapter back together and plugged it into my 12v socket in the car to check voltages. When I tried to check voltage it blew a fuse. Surprisingly, it didn't blow the 5amp fuse in the adapter, but the 20amp fuse in my fuse block. So I replaced that fuse and tried to check voltage again, this time the fuse in the adapter blew.

    So I was pissed that that point and just wanted a result (plus I was out of fuses for my fuse block and didn't want to blow that one again), so I Squidbillied it and wired up the adapter straight to the battery so I could test it. Sure enough it's passing 12v instead of 5v. Again, I'm not sure if this was the case before I plugged the Pre into it (I have used it before without issue), but it's definitely screwed now. So it will go into the trash.

    I got the phone at a non-Sprint retailer. They examined the phone and exchanged it. They also sold me an iGo car charger. They actually didn't stock the Palm branded adapter, so my choice was another cheap generic or the iGo, so I went with the iGo hoping it would be a higher quality product. Interestingly it is labeled as only outputting .75amps, which is less than the Pre supposedly draws, so we'll see if I have any more issues. The sales pitch was that the iGo "won't overcharge the battery". Got me if that's true or not, but I suppose that could have been part of my issue with the generic, since the phone was freshly charged when I plugged it into the car adapter. If I have any more issues with the Pre & the iGo adapter, they sold me the phone and the adapter so I won't have any qualms asking for a replacement.

    At any rate, I have my Pre back, so I'm happy. And as a side note, the Palm Profile reloading my phone settings automatically is pretty sweet.
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    Well I for one am glad you got a new pre! Welcome back, I know you missed it!!
    "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    I'm glad to hear you got it worked out. It was nice of the store to give you a replacement so willingly.

    It sounds like I was both right and wrong about whether that adapter met the standard. Technically it didn't, since as you say the data pins were not shorted. But at least there weren't resistors in funny places. I agree that simply not connecting those pins wouldn't in itself cause any damage.

    From everything you've said, the most likely conclusion I think we can draw is that the adapter coincidentally blew while your Pre happened to be plugged into it, and way too much voltage ended up going into the device. Since you say the GPS unit you mentioned was powerable via a computer's USB port, I'm inclined to assume the charger was supposed to put out 5V, not 12. But as you said, there's no way to be certain. While unlikely, it's certainly not impossible that the GPS unit might be configured for both 12 and 5 volts.

    In any case, the iGo charger should do well for you. .75 amps is plenty. I'm pretty sure the full 1 amp is only necessary for the Touchstone. The Pre itself draws 500mA, unless I'm mistaken.

    Again, I'm glad you got a positive outcome. Thanks for all the detailed reporting along the way.
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