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    The speaker on the back of my Pre stopped working. It stared a couple of days ago cutting in and out...and now it won't play any sounds. The ringer no longer plays, and I cannot hear music any longer.

    Anyone else experience this issue? Looks like I'm headed for a refund.
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    I had that same issue. I took it to the Sprint store and apparently if enough pocket lint gets caught in the headphone jack it makes the phone think that it is in headphone mode. You can take it to the store and they will blow out the dust, or you could use compressed air to do it yourself.
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    Thanks for the reply, however, it doesn't make any sense. It's not in headphone mode from lint or dust. It's hardly ever in my pocket. The speaker is on the fritz. Like I said, it started by cutting in and out a few days ago..and now it won't play anything.

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