So I found posts stating the appinfo.json of nfl and nascar needed a line added that says "removable": true with in the brackets of either appinfo file. Which is partially correct. When I did that and reboot the pre still didn't get the option to delete the apps, So I attempted to tar the files in /usr/palm/applications folder and remove original directories, which removed the apps but in a less then handsome way. Found in the launcher when I listed the installed apps the ones supposed to have been downloaded were not all downloaded and none of them had a delete app option, the other part of the list which shows the palm installed apps all had the delete option.

If you install apps i.e through an ipk or by use of filecoaster the files are installed into directory /usr/palm/applications and these semm not to be given the delete option regardless of editing the appinfo.json.

Apps from palm are installed into /var/palm/applications and the appinfo.json with the edited line entered of "removable": true does actually work.

So I moved app directories from my installs to palm installed and reboot to find they were listed accordingly and did have the delete option.

My reason for having to do this was that filecoaster says there is not enough room to install more apps, it appears that there is actually though if they are installed into another directory. There has to be away to either setup where files are installed to, or directories linked to make more room for apps, maybe even possible to just add directories to scan for apps.