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    So I recently bought the Seidio 1350 battery and 4 Touchstones: for my nightstand, desk at home and at work, and my car.

    This setup has my Pre almost always full so I stopped worrying about the battery issue.

    But today was an important test, as I went on full day motorcycle ride. While on those rides I don't charge my phone obviously, and although I don't use it much, every phone I had drained itself trying to find signal in canyons and mountains.

    I'm happy to report that starting the day at 9am and back on the charger now, 12 hours later, the Pre is at 61%.

    By comparison, my Centro would've been in the red by now, if not dead. It's possible that the Pre also has a better receiver and is more efficient when hunting for signal. But I'm pretty happy, this has always been a problem with past phones, same network and routes.

    On a side note, I would've appreciated having a phone only mode setting.
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    Yea I found that in standy the phone does pretty well. I left my phone off the charger one night at 11pm and around 8 the next morning my phone went down 6 percent....

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