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    just laying on the table. the phone automatically turns on from the black screen every couple of seconds once i turn it off as if its unlocked. sometimes even in my hand just after i use the power button to turn off the screen. so if i leave it there the screen dims and then brightens back up again. or dims turns off and then back on again. this is very wierd. its like it wont sleep. so when use the power button to turn it on after i turn it off it'll show the unlock screen. but when i turn it off and set it down it'll turn back on again automatically as if it were unlocked. what is wrong??
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    been playing around with it. now some times when i power back on and off. it wont always show the unlock screen. found out that phone ONLY does it when the slider is closed.
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    The phone will turn on the screen when you get a notification (email, text, etc), and you might not hear the sound, or your ringer switch could be off. Also, if you turn off the screen and turn it on again instantly, it won't show the lock screen. Sliding the keyboard open will wake up the phone as well.

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