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    Is there any way from keeping the screen from turning on every time an email or text message notification comes in I found the setting to not show the notification when the screen is locked but the screen still turns on and I do not need or want this as it may lead to poor battery performance and it not necessary since the screen is off by the time I look at my phone anyway..
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    My screen doesn't turn on when I receive an email, just vibrates. It does for texts and I've never seen any way to turn that off (not that I would). I wouldn't worry too much about battery life, the screen isn't on for that long, as you noticed.
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    I just turn off my notifications when screen is locked. My screen doesn't turn on then.
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    I just checked sending myself some emails and the screen comes on every time one is recieved even though the notificatons is turned off when screen is locked guess I'm not to concerned about it it.. It's just the little things that annoy me
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    Those who have the show notifications when screen is locked turned off do you have webOS 1.1? if so these are the 1st claims I have seen of the setting working properly after updating to 1.1. When I updated to 1.1 the setting no longer worked and it keeps turning on the screen when a notification occurs. This has impacted battery life for me days where I get many notifications I get about 30% less time out of the full charge. On lighter days about 15-20% but still enough to not be acceptable increase in drain that otherwise wouldn't happen with the setting working properly.

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