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    I've got my geotagging set to on, yet when I upload my photo to Flickr or even view its properties in Windows Explorer, I get no geo data.

    Another related question - I'm driving across the country and would like to take pictures and upload them from my phone - is there any way I can send a link to a map or something to my family so they can go online and track where each picture was taken as I'm going along on my trip? Google Earth/Flickr sound like they can do this, but I don't get how.

    Also - I know I can upload my photos directly to photobucket from the Pre, but can I do so with Flickr?
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    Do you have geotagging turned on? I don't have experience with Flickr, but the geotagging has been working perfectly for me with iPhoto 09 on my mac. I know you said you have windows, idk about windows, but in iPhoto it is easy to make a slideshow with map integration.

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