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    Well, kinda.

    Peach Bellini scented Pal Pre designed for the shower

    Well... at least I had the common decency not to post a link to the Pizza-scented Pre!

    Cool beans all 'round. If the Pre is getting "soaped" along with the iPhone and BBerry, it must be doing something right.

    Btw... do these soapy Pres come with a rope attached?? A "dropped call" could mean a whole lot more than you might think if you is using this in a gym shower setting.

    So, all you cheapskates out there: Gotta get a gag Pre for a less than hygenic pal? Look no further.
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    btw... congrats to "White Light"

    the only HomeBrew app to make it onto the Palm Soap Pre as far as I can tell!

    Palm Soap... its more targeted than plain ole Hand Soap.
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    Good gravy!! Can't people live without their phone long enough to shower?!? Sheesh.
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    That is... a little disturbing. Imagine just waking up and mistaking your actual Pre for this and taking a shower...
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    My only question...Does the appendage retract?...LOL at the Pre in the shower...where are the app guys when you need to turn on the vibrator part!
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    Anyone notice the Facebook app on the screen? And also the moon icon, the default icon for apps. Why not just put on an app from the store instead of one mythical one and one default-icon one?

    Other than that, it looks good, as far as soap goes. Wonder if it has a sliding keyboard...
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    This coincides with Palm announcing the new multitouch gesture: lather
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    My mom use to make glycerin soap and did a few things like this. They sold pretty well. Not as well as her other handmade soaps as the glycerin type of soaps dont have as many benifits. They useally are for kids no adults.
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    There really needed to be another thread about this stupid soap?

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