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    I had been lurking here for a month or so and finally "bit the bullet" and picked up a Pre for myself and a LG Lotus for the wife. Everything seemed great until last night when I could not get You Tube videoes to play anymore. When hitting play, it starts playing then Palms version of an hourglass keeps reappearing. Also there is a white circular shadow that shows up at the top 1/3 of the screen before a video even tries playing but is not there when it is actually playing the video. This morning I did a basic reset and now it's working ok again. Any ideas? I would also appreciate hearing others experience with the Sprint TV performance. It ALWAYS seems pixelated with the sound out of synch for me.
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    lotus for your wife... do u not love her? go back n get her a pre.. haha jk
    In terms of the white shadow on top 1/3 of the screen, its there during load time. Thats just the way the phone is, u also notice that shadow effect when your phone is in sleep mode and you have to slide it up to unlock.
    Also, before anything else, have you upgraded the phone to 1.1?
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    Thanks for the quick response! She really isn't interested in anything but talk and text and of course her purple Lotus is " prettier" than the Pre. Besides, I cannot count the no. of times she has dropped her old Sanyo. I could not bear to see that had she gotten a Pre. I just got the Pre working on my Wifi network and nothing really seems any different. Sprint Tv still almost unwatchable. The WebOS is Version 1.0.4 so I am assuming it needs the 1.1. Actually when I checked it a little message said it would upgrade itself over the next few days. Wow, this really is a Smartphone! I am just a little hesitant to do the download because of many posters here that have had problems afterward. Opinions always appreciated.
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    Consider using the website vs the App. It has been redone to format to the size of the Pre screen & has all the features the app does not.

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    Nah....update to WebOS 1.1 is no problem whatsoever, and it DOES improve the viewing of Sprint TV as along with the OS 1.1 update this includes a Sprint Network 1.7 update too.

    So do manual update ASAP and reboot. Then see how it works!

    You should see better results.
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    Would I need to backup my photos and contacts prior to updating and if so do I just connect to desktop. I think I remember something about photos and contacts do not get backed up to the Palm servers automatically or something?
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    You do not need to backup to do updates.
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    Yeah you should do an update and then see how it works. Your pics n contacts will remain intact; you need to back those up if you are doing a full erase.
    It updates webos n sprint network like stated above. Plus you get the super cool nfl live app...haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by darreno1 View Post
    You do not need to backup to do updates.
    ^^ Agreed

    Just go into the launcher (should be on the third page) and click updates. Click and it will check for your updates and 1.1 should pop up and download it! I can also tell a difference after getting 1.1.
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    Okay, I just downloaded and installed the update and the version (1.1) shows up when I check it. The only type of reset I did afterwards was to shut it off and turn it back on. Should I be doing more than that? I did check to see if Sprint TV played any better but sadly, no. It's on the Touchstone now and I am sure I'll be playing with it (the Pre) later. Again all opinions and advice are appreciated!
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    Sprint TV is highly dependent on the speed of your cell connection. We don't even have 3G in our area, so Sprint TV is completely unwatchable. You may just be experiencing normal behavior for Sprint TV.

    The white shadow during YouTube video loads seems to be normal. It doesn't affect playback.
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    The white shadow is just part of the background made for YouTube.

    You do need to ahve a fast connection to run SprintTV. Also I heard taht if you extend the keyboard out it helps a bit as the receiving antenna is on the bottom of the phone...

    Good luck, I know mine is jumpy if on 1x but in EVDO or with WiFi (not sure if it actually uses WiFi over network) it runs fairly smooth.

    Try watching one of the full episodes of Monk or Pysch off of USA...this is probably the clearest channel on my Pre.

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