on my second pre, build quality is superb. but my battery waswack. and i knew that the battery wasnt supposed to drain this fast because the battery on my first pre was getting way more usuage. so i took it in to a repiair center, and they tried changing my settings but they were already set by me. they ordered me a new battery, i came in the next day and now my pre will last at least 8 hrs.........

taken off charger at 11 am
check emails, browse web, make phone calls all before noon battery is at 90% by 1230

i go to the gym, turn on bluetooth and play music player for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
by 2 230 battery's at 78-80%.

turn off bluetooth and normal phone usage until 8-9 pm and battery is 30%+

thats a day without inbetween charging. i keep my pre topped offas much as possible.