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    Seems they have decided that the adverts needed changing DOH!
    They have made them shorter and the PRE is more prominent

    Now she just looks plain miserable at the start of each ad!
    The Palm Pre advert that should have been

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    nice, Palm is beginning to show off what the Pre can do, and less of the depressed girl.
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    While I am certainly glad the commercials are starting to show features of the Pre, they don't really do the trick!! "What your friends change out there..." Out where? Synced contacts? The ad doesn't mention that it syncs with Facebook or any info about that sync.
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    calendar late notification? Never heard of it how does it work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by triathlet3 View Post
    calendar late notification? Never heard of it how does it work?
    It's very cool, actually. When you set up a meeting (at least in Google), you can list attendees and send out email invites. Since those attendees' emails are attached to your meeting, when you get your notification of the meeting, you'll see a button that says "contact attendees", in addition to "dismiss" and "snooze". If you click the "contact attendees", it automagically sends an email to all attendees, stating "Running late. On my way...", or whatever you want it to send.
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