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    So I'm trying out my Pre for 30 days (day 1 so far), and I have my verizon Blackberry curve right next to me. I got a text on my BB and asked the person to send me a text at my temporary Pre number. I got their text, but when I tried to reply, it waited a few minutes, and then said that it failed to deliver the text due to a network issue. I tried again, same thing. I called a different friend (not with the pre) and told him I was going to text him and to tell me when he gets it. This friend is in another state, and on a different carrier than friend 1. Same thing happens, failure to send message (code: 97). Neither ever got the texts.

    My Pre is getting like 2-5 bars. It changes fairly often, even though it's not moving from its place on my desk. In comparison, my blackberry right next to it gets consistently 4-5 bars.

    Why can't I send text messages??
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    Hmmm, I do believe that this may be an issue with the Sprint network itself and not your Pre. I would also contact Sprint's wonderful customer service and complain about their technical issue.

    I am sure this is not the case, but ensure that the persons whom you are texting do not have SMS blocking turned on.
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    Well they can't have texting blocked, because I was texting them from my blackberry asking them to text my Pre :P

    I'll call sprint tomorrow, their customer service line is closed tonight.
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    I did some checking around and this does not seem to be an uncommon issue. I found several threads of issues (identical or similar to yours) continuing from last year. Most resulted in contacting Sprint.

    Good luck with your issue. Not a good way to start out for Sprint.
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    I have a similar problem, I can send 10-20 words texts fine but when I try sending a 120 word one I always get a freaking 9230 error due to invalid service type. Really starting to get on my nerves, will call Sprint later.

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