I just had an idea for a new wallpaper application in conjunction with the switching app. Add a function so that when you push the red button, you can drag or resize your current wallpaper image directly on the 'desktop'.

Also, change the formating for photos in anything other than 'picture' (i.e landscape) so that they do not resize and look distorted. Once settings have been change, retain these settings if the wallpaper app rotates to this picture again.

The practical aspect is this. I can upload family pictures of any size or shape. They may look distorted at first. When the wallpaper app switches to this distorted photo, I can quickly zoom in and move the picture to look normal or select what part of the picture I want my desktop to focus on.

By saving the settings for each picture, I wouldnt have to worry about changing it each time.

It's an idea. It would make the amazing Palm Pre even MORE interactive. I love this phone.