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    hey guys I have been lurking here for a while and picked up my pre at launch. everything has been great except a few things. My pre has the oreo syndrome, and ever since the damn 1.1 update I cant hear my text messages, all my ringers are way to quiet, but it seems the old phone ringer is the only one to be the loudest. even on pandora i cant hear a song unless my head is within one foot of the pre. The audio jack still works great, so my question is where can I go from here I keep missing calls and texts. Is this a software issue or is my speaker blown due to 1.1. Is there anyway I can downgrade to the last update? My pre was flawless until palm forced me to update to some bs software. Im furious right now any suggestions?
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    As dumb as this will sound, go check what your volumes are set at. After the update, mine went back to the defaults which aren't loud enough.
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    everything is all the way up would a hard reset revert back to 1.1 or the original software the was loaded on the pre when i bought it?
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    You can't avoid the Palm updates. Even if you reverted back, you would still eventually be forced to update.

    I think it's incorrect to say they changed the volume, they actually changed the alert sound completely. If you determined to change it back, or even to something else, I suggest you root it, then you can change the alerts to whatever you want.
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    What I meant was the volume settings revert back to a default.

    OP - you could always install My Notifications via Filecoaster and change the sound to something better for you.
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    I understand they changed the sound but for me to hear the alert tone I have to have the speaker right next to my ear..... Man this has been a disapointment sinxe the update. Why palm did you have to change stuff so my phone takes a crap after the 30 day exchange period. So now should I go to sprint
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    Sounds like you might have a blown speaker or that it might be stuck in headset mode. I assume you are only hearing sound thtough the ear piece and not the speaker on the rear.

    Check the system sound setting (not just the rocker on the side)

    Try a reset: Orange key + Sym + R

    If none of that works, take it in for an exchange.

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