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    Hi there. After waking up from a nap, i found my pre to be at the boot screen (palm logo, not pulsing). I've tried rebooting via orange key + SYM + R and taking the battery out and putting it back in. No matter what i do, the pre stays stuck at the boot screen. I also attempted using the webOS Doctor, but that was a no-go since webOS Dr won't recognize the pre being connected to the computer since it hasn't gone far enough in the boot process.

    Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? I would run to the sprint store right away, but I just had knee surgery and can't exactly get around real easy.

    P.s. please forgive any misspellings or bad grammar, i'm on some painkillers.
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    sucks that ur pre is acting that way...the only thing i can thing of is going to a sprint store....sorry about ur knee also
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    Leave the battery out for five minutes then put it back in
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    just wanted to end this topic in case anyone else has a similar problem again...

    I took the phone back to sprint and they figured the phone was defective and gave me a new one.
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    Happened to me also. Its consedered a defect because if the pre is droped it develops a short after some time using it. Something to do with the screen and dram shortting out. Just fyi
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    also if you don't want to take battery out you can press orange button + Sym key + R button

    or just toggle the vibrate switch back and forth several times. It should work
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    Wow! So glad I found this thread...but pre was still stuck on boot screen after taking out battery.

    tried the option+sym+R.....spinning circle....palm logo (no glow)

    BOOM! Glow! haha, such a rush of relief....lets see if it can keep.
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