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    So I've been lusting after since spring, and now it's finally in my hands (was waiting to go back to college before buying to test out sprint's network in the area). I've been reading these forums for months, and I had a huge list of things to check out on the phone before deciding it was perfect (aka, no defects). As soon as she handed the phone to me, I suddenly forgot ALL of those things except for dead pixels and oreo effect. No dead pixels, and just a slight wobble side to side (not much, but not nearly as sturdy as the non-functional demo pre they had at the store).

    My warranty date is 7/14/09. I heard there were new, better fitting batteries in recent pre devices, any chance mine is new enough to have the new one?

    Anyway, what else should I check to make sure all is well. So far it's working well (though sitting in the same spot on my desk, my coverage is changing from 2 bars to 5 bars every so comparison, my verizon blackberry right next to me is at a constant 5).

    (edit, fixed the email problem! I just deleted the paragraph about it)

    So sorry for the long read, I appreciate any answers you can leave!
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