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    I did a search about Pre's doing random shutdowns. I found a few threads about the loose battery and putting paper in there to fill the gap. I don't think that's my problem. My Pre seems to shut down on its own a random times... even while sitting on the table... with a full battery.

    I did a soft reset. Still does it.

    Is there a software fix for this?


    (on my second pre now in a month's time. Touchscreen stopped working.)
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    Had the same prob. Took it to the store and they tested the battery....said it came back "hot" (bad battery). Replaced the battery with a new one and haven't had a problem since.

    Good luck!
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    Yay, the random shutdown problem is back! And not connected to the loose battery!
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    I had this problem with one of the Centro batteries I purchased as spares, as well as the OEM battery, some of them do not fit snugly in the compartment.

    A small piece of paper or matchbook cover is enough to fix the problem.
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    I'm going to have it replaced again because of random shutdowns and not working alarm clock. I'm pretty sure I'll get another faulty device as replacement. Certainly this will be a crappy slider mechanism or the audio jack . By replacing it again, I will get my money back and can get rid of this piece of crap at last . Being an early adopter for more than one year really sucks.
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    I've never had any problem with random shutdowns. I have had three Pre Pluses and i have four batteries. All of which were free. Thank you generous Palm Support, I told them the batteries sucked and they sent me new ones, free of charge
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    The question is, why did you have so many Pres?
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    Fishing accident and it fell into a lake. Girlfriend knocked it into cup of tea. Not one has had any hardware issue, nor software issue.
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    Ok, seems that you were lucky.
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    i ve had a random shutdown last night left the battery at 80 percent before goin to sleep and when I woke up it's off. Even used battery saver to turn airplane mode at certain times to conserve power. One thing I noticed before going to bed that it went a bit hot, was thinking it's because been on the net for a time and downloading apps. Dr. Battery says overall battery health is at 98%.

    what cud have caused random shutdown? Ty
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    Was it just off or was the battery dead?
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    it was just off... it turned on when i pressed the power button and the battery was at 34%. i've had the 30-0% issue 2 days before and rcalibrated it using dr. battery and i suppose it didnt fix the problem? or perhaps another problem looming around for me to discover it.
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    Bad battery

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