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    I got three SMS messages late last night from Flexilis.

    "Flexilis is connecting to your device. Connection code: Flxoekt26"

    Does anyone think this is just spam or did this thing really connect?

    It is not something I signed up for, and it is not listed in my Downloaded Applications.
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    Its backup, security, and find my palm pre
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    Isn't Flexilis the company that discovered the SMS flaw that allows a phone to be completely compromised?
    Interesting how only they know what the hack is and have a fix available for it. Tekzilla Flexillis Interview, jump to 16:22 in the show

    BTW...Flexillis was started by a couple of phone hackers who were the first to be able to "snarf" your data via bluetooth.

    The guy talking with Kevin Rose is the spokesman and front-end for Flexillis. Same guy in the Tekzilla you know more than you wanted to....
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    Thanks for the info.

    So it looks like it was SMS spam - I hate that.

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