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    Hello. First post here, but been lurking for a while. I have a weird problem. My pre today seamingly erased my pix and ringtones. The pre is about 1 month old now. I notice earlier that my background was black so I tried to go to my photos to re assign a pic. When I open my photo album it says its empty. My contact pix are still assigned tho. Also, my ringtones are gone.

    When I try to open my ringtone folder it show empty as well. I go to my device info and it tells me my storage is full. I have no music or videos on the phone. elast time I checked I had about 7gb left.

    Has someone had this problem before? I do have a bunch of apps, but haven't installed any in a few days. Also, my pre is not rooted.

    I tried reseting the pre a few different ways and nothing. Please help before I restore the phone, which I really don't want to do cause of all the pix.

    Thanks in advance...
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    Anyone have an idea what could of caused this??
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    Have you connected it to your cpu lately? If so did you eject it right. Sounds like you may have some how corrupted the files you added to your Pre. Sometimes if you don't stop(unmount) the Pre right you could corrupt some or all of your files, just like on a regular USB drive.
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    I haven't connected the pre in about 2 weeks to a pc. I always eject before disconnecting. Also, this morning when I try to connect to my pc it won't stay in usb drive mode for more that 2 seconds.

    Guess I have to reset the phone. That sucks because I have like 200 pix on there. Oh well.

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