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    So do you think their existing customers had slowed down purchases of Palm devices leading up to the time the Pre was announced? Cannibalization would be a mis-nomer if the Pre was actually re-engaging Palm customers that would otherwise have bailed out.
    I think maybe a little. However, I think there are many more people that were like me.

    I was/am a long time Palm device user. I did not want a WinMo device. I did not want a device that did not have a physical keyboard. I did want something newer than my gettig long in the tooth Treo (and no, a Centro was not an "upgrade" to me. I tried three of them and went back to the Treo).

    Late last year, I had already begun to shop around for devices, and was leaning towards a BlackBerry, with a certain level of disappointment. Sprint didn't have the models I wanted, and decided to wait a couple of months to see what they got in BBs, before uprooting my family from Sprint.

    The Palm announced the Pre in January, and Sprint was to be the carrier. That was exactly what I needed.

    So, I went from Treo to a Pre. Some would look at that as Palm "cannabalizing" their line, but it really wasn't. It was more of a case of Palm salvaging a customer.

    I honestly believe that a lot of long-time Palm owners fit into that general category. I think some of them had even abandoned the line and came back.
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    htc mogul --> touch pro --> pre
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    I'm not sure its the Pre cannibalizing other Palm sales in so much as other Palm sales have been taking a dive for awhile now. Regardless if the Pre was released or not it would have been happening.
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    You know, I wish these analysts would come out *after* official sales numbers have been released. There's no way to verify their numbers.

    Can we have a "grain of salt" emoticon please, mods?
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    Quote Originally Posted by haloexperiment View Post
    I am completely new to Palm and Sprint. My last phone was very rudimentary (Samsung Blackjack)
    Same. T-mobile dash.
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    I came from a BB 8830 on Sprint to the Pre, my wife came from a Samsung on Verizon to the Pre, and after seeing our devices, I have a friend who will soon be turning in her iPhone for the Pre. And although it won't likely happen, my son wants one too. Although I owned a Treo years ago, all new customers for Palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mulcher View Post
    Dumping a treo and buying a pre brings as much revenue to palm as an ipbone user switching.

    The pre pre ents alot of people from defecting from sprint to at@t. I was close to doing that until they announced the pre
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    I came from a 800w on Sprint...checkout my sig for my device history...
    aka Gfunkmagic

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    I ran to AT&T after some serious issues with Nextel back in 2006. Nextel i870 -> SE K790a -> BB 8820 -> iPhone 3g -> Pre

    It's nice to save $30ish a month, have an awesome device and have the same if not better coverage nearly everywhere I go.
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    Came for Palm 755P already with Sprint
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