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    After 2 weeks of use, my Pre slider sticks frequently and this is not good. A hardware issue already, damn....I'll give it one more week and then it's off to Blackberry world , I guess. Any ideas fellow Preets??
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    build quality blows on the pre its hard to find one that is perfect! with out having to fight with sprint people and what not! so i gave up and just use it with dead pixels, Oreo effect, sticky slider to name a few. fyi on the sticky slider i find by holding the pre with one hand placing the thumb in the middle of the screen to open it works best. its sticky for me as well when i try to open the keypad from the bottom of the pre so ether be cool and do it one handed risk of dropping is high in this method cool factor is also greatly increased(impressing the ladys at the mall). or use two hands and put both thumbs in the middle of the screen and move your fingers up and it will work better for you not as impressive. regards.
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