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    I should add, I was speaking about the OS/software when I talked about Palm. The hardware and manufacturing quality of the Pre, however, has got me thinking they don't have great talent in the hardware department. The Pre is a fairly complex design (far more complex than the iPhone, which has no movable parts and a fixed internal battery). I think it's obvious to most people that Palm could have done a LOT better on the hardware design and build quality. But it's not like doing a slider phone with removable batter is a novel new thing -- those have been around, and built by far lesser companies, for some many years now. So yeah, hardware is one area I think Palm is behind the curve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by romanmb View Post
    My school made me get an iPod touch for some medical software that they add for free as well as some other things. Playing with it side by side with the Pre I noticed how much smoother the iPod OS is. Small things like scrolling between pages in the launcher, to rearranging items in a list. Also, the screen seems to be more responsive to user input( I tried moving from one launcher page to another in the ipod and on the pre, and the ipod seems to be WAAY more responsive. I read in many reviews that the Pre was more responsive.... what gives?)

    Is there something wrong with my Pre? Or does everyone have this issue. Also, is this experience only for the ipod? Is the iphone "slower"?

    Finally, why does the Pre do this when it has, in many ways, identical hardware to the iPhone?

    Don't take this thread the wrong way, I love the Pre for all that it does different from iPhone, just wondering why it can't keep up with basic OS navigation...
    I could not agree more.. Also I think the Pre's digitize is inferior to the ones on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Its acts as thought it's not able to track slight movements but rather trying to guess where your finger has moved.
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