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    My wife and I finally got our Pres last weekend after waiting 2 agonizing months to get our discount. Needless to say, we are extremely pleased. So far my wife's only complaint is that she keeps losing it. She never remembers where she set it, something I sort of discounted as a non-issue. The last couple days she's been saying she wants a holster.

    After tonight, she is getting one.

    We were at her mother's house taking the baby swimming. So we had lots of stuff to put in the car. Apparently my wife set her Pre, in its sleeping bag, on the roof while loading the car. Being that it was dark out, neither us or her parents noticed it was still there when pulled out.

    We then drove to the video store. The drive goes like this:
    Large bump pulling out of the driveway, onto 25 mph roads, large left leaning bend, stop sign, right hand turn, another stop sign on a grade, then a very steep and very bumpy hill down to a light. Then a left over a "scrape bottom" type of bump, accelerate to 40 mph and then a right into the video store lot over another big bump.

    I get out of the car and go to grab the baby and looking at me square in the eye...the wife's palm pre, still on the roof. We hadn't even realized it went missing. My wife said "oh sh$t. I remember setting it down now" and when I showed her where I found it, she said it hadn't moved.

    The best part is we debated taking a shortcut that is much windier and much bumpier and decided against it...tonight was our lucky night!!!
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    wow your lucky it didn't fly off the roof.
    The Pre got some fresh air
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    I assume the touchstone backplate assisted in the Pre's survival?
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    Lucky indeed!!! I hope the Pre feels relaxed after all the fresh air...cause it'll never get to do that again

    No touchstones, just the trusty included sleeping bag.
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    It begs the question... Has the baby ever gone for a moon-lit ride atop the car as well?

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