View Poll Results: Has your girl friend told you that you love your Pre more than her?

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  • Yes

    78 51.32%
  • No

    40 26.32%
  • I do love my Pre more than my Girlfriend

    21 13.82%
  • I'm a nerd. All I have is Pre-porn

    13 8.55%
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  1. kerrypars's Avatar
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    I'm a girl, but yes I do love my Pre more than my boyfriend.
  2. dr5150's Avatar
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    My GF is my wife & she has her own Pre
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    I don't have a girlfriend. That would really **** off my wife. Even more then the amount of attention i pay to my phone.
  4. tlaz's Avatar
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    LOL! Recently posted this on my facebook status. wife is getting annoyed with me obsessing over my pre
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    I voted no because my girlfriend has a Pre of her own
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    i had an ex girlfriend once who asked me " If your Treo was falling offthe bed and I (the girl) was falling off the bed, which would you catch?" Without any hesitation I answered the Treo and said "The treo might break; but u'll be fine"

    for the entire length of our relationship she would always say i loved the hone more then her .....

    (BTW - She was right, she's long gone, i got married this year, and i still have a palm phone - the Pre)
    da Gimp

    Please note: My spelling sucks and I'm to lazy to check it.
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    My girlfriend told me I spend more time on it then i do on her. Haha.
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