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    As a long term, hard core (palm) Treo user, there have been "issues" that I've just grown accustomed to with my phone service. The frequent re-sets, the slow web browser (I HATE the default browser on my 700p, but the Opera-Mini simply won't function on my phone), bad sound and the absolutely horrible reception...just to name a few. Soooooo....I'm thinking to myself...Self...time for a brand new phone. I've been eyeing the Pre since I first heard of it, but don't know anyone who actually owns one. LOL....the Sprint rep at the local store told me in a hushed voice....wait. Definately WAIT. That was a bit curious to me....
    I've heard horror stories about overheating and extreme battery drain - and the one thing I desperately needed was for the application development kits to be released so that my credit card people could get to work on an app for it...however, they tell me that the bluetooth software needed to connect to their card-reader/printer hardware is locked up tighter than a drum and they can't even foresee when they might be able to get something together for it. I can transfer my Treo to my other line and continue happily taking credit cards that my customers can sign for on my Treo- and I admit, I'm a bit of a closet geek and I'm just dying for a new toy.
    I just can't make up my mind if it's worth the $200 for a new phone that
    a) I've not been able to find anything out about how it works as a PHONE- like how's it's reception? How's it's signal. Does making a 20 minute call eat the battery alive?
    b) What's with this overheating thing? I mean, is it 5 minutes on facebook or 3 hours constant web browsing?

    I really don't know if I should go for it, or wait until the next version...which might be a very long time....knowing how the damn Palm ppl are about upgrading.

    Thanks to anyone who can give me some factual and solid info.
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    I had a 700P for three a good Catholic I assume that obviates any need to go to Purgatory. Terrible phone; terrible PDA...terrible.

    A freebie phone with prepaids would be an infinite upgrade to that phone. Run...don't walk and trade that turkey in. The Palm Pre is like going from an ox drawn cart to a Ferrari
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    You might want to make a list of things you want the phone to be able to do to see if the Pre can actually do it. That's what has kept me from buying one. It's too early and the phone at this point is too limited for what I want/need.
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    I'd at least try it out... you've got 30 days to get a refund.

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